It’s my first proper day in S.E Asia, bosh!
Arrived yesterday at 7am after flights of doom. On the first one I was next to a toddler. He was well behaved which was cool and he was a cute little thing but I didn’t want to interact too much. If I did I knew I’d end up playing with him the whole flight. So I had to be friendly enough so his parents didn’t think I was a dick but not so friendly that the kid liked me. That was difficult but I think I pulled it off.

I stopped in Dubai for two hours, the airport was fantastic and had free internet. So I tried to find and book somewhere in Thailand. This failed but at least I managed to waste some time on YouTube.

Next up was the flight to Bangkok. It was 6 hours so I was planning to have my dinner super quick then sleep for at least 5 hours. But they took ages sorting the dinner so after 2 hours of flight I asked for a gin n tonic. The flight attendant gave me ingredients for two. This was dangerous. I got 2 hours sleep in the end after watching a lot of Brian Cox talking about science. At one point the guy next to me fell asleep then awoke with a violent convulsion. Like when you dream you’re falling of a cliff then start awake, but ten fold. He flung his arms in all directions and thrust his head backwards at maximum speed. I tried to pretend I hadn’t noticed but that was difficult seeing as we were basically touching each other.

(Gin + Tonic) x Science = Flight of Dreams


So I finally ended up in Bangkok, and got a free bus to the other Bangkok airport, Don Mueng or something. Turns out this airport is way nicer than the main bangkok one, even though it’s bloody tiny. The flight from there took me to Krabi.

At Krabi, a seaside town with not much to do, I sat down on a kerb for an hour trying to work out what to do. I could gamble on getting to the local islands, or stay in Krabi and get the morning boat to Ko Jum. Eventually I decided on the latter, and found a place in Krabi to wait for the ferry the next day.

That night I wandered. Around aimlessly, totally bossed from all the flying. I had some dinner then thought to myself: ‘It must be at least 10pm by now, time for bed.” I wandered back to the guesthouse to find it was only 7.30pm. Oops. I foolishly sat on the bed ‘for 2 minutes’ to consider my options. Thus began 12 hours of sleep.

The following morning my bank card got sucked into an ATM for about 10 minutes, right before my ferry was due to leave. I genuinely thought it had been eaten and was contemplating what to do. Hang around or go to the bank or leave it and hope? I even checked the back of the machine, which was open, and eyed some locals suspiciously. But then it popped out again thank god. I tried to eye the locals apologetically, but I don’t think that’s possible.

The ferry was ok nothing special, as I had to sit indoors which is kind of pointless. Surely ferries are about hanging on the top looking at the view and getting wet? It was 2.5 hours long as well, I cant even remember what I did.
But now I’m staying in a pretty basic beach hut in Bo Doeng resort on Koh Jum. I had to use my superglue to repair the mosquito net, or I knew I’d have nightmares. This involved sticking a page of my flight confirmation letter to cover the holes. But the people who own it are lovely and the food is fantastic. And it’s only costing £4.

My Hut