The following day we made our way to Pak Bara, right down south near the border of Malaysia. The roads on the way were gorgeous and empty, and we were able to stop at some secluded beaches en route. They littered the coast, and at any point we could divert ourselves for a few minutes to find a new empty spot to swim. The first of these was a tiny beach at the shoreline where the trees met the sea. There was a little monkey chilling on a beach by the shore, and no one else to be seen. We parked up our bikes and I jumped in the water for a quick swim. This turned into a proper swim after having discovered I could swim alongside the cliffs far out into the water, with jungle creepers falling overhead and directly above me. There were also caves to explore and creatures clambering on the walls.
When I returned to the beach Freddie had a disturbance. The one monkey had turned into many monkeys, and they had raided our bikes, throwing our stuff on the floor, eating our snacks and pouring the water from our bottles. The dominant male was sitting on my bike with an angry face and refusing to move. We were stuck.

After much deliberation we decided the best move was the classic charge. We stood together, puffed out our chests, and then ran stomping full force at the stubborn-looking macaques. At first the male looked non-plussed, and I began to fear an altercation, but luckily upon witnessing us give a hearty shout he startled and ran a few metres back. This was our chance, we jumped on the bikes and hastily turned them on. I fumbled with my keys like the victim of a horror movie, until finally it was going and we were away. The beefy macaque realised we had him and ran after us squarking and cackling, but we were long gone.

At Pak Bara we found a nice guesthouse (Best Guest House I think..) which was set back from the road. It had a water feature kind of pond in the middle and little bridges to cross over to your room. The town itself wasn’t that impressive but we didn’t mind. We were only there to get the ferry to Koh Tarutao the next day.

This meant we had some chill on our times. We bought some average dim sum at a place down the road, then stocked up on beers for the room. And this was how we spent the rest of the night, drinking beer and whiskey and watching shockingly bad cartoons on tv.

That was until Freddie started vomiting like he was some kind of human volcano, but this is a story for another time.